Sense & Sustainability

Contributions as a staff writer for the non-profit publication focused on issues of environmental and social sustainability.


Food Access for New York City's Poorest: Farmer's Markets

The South Bronx is part of one of the poorest congressional districts in the entire United States. Ninety percent of Bronx County is non-white, and thirty percent of the residents living in this neighborhood live below the poverty line. As a result, the nutritional landscape is—limited, to say the least, and residents experience serious health disparities. Rates of diabetes and high blood pressure are far higher than the rest of New York City or New York State.


An E-Waste Tsunami

There was a subtle irony to an event on electronic consumption and waste taking place at The New School’s location on 5th Avenue. Outside, the blue glow of smartphones danced down the street. Inside, photos depicting piles of ‘obsolete’ electronics, being picked and sorted by the urban poor in the outskirts of Delhi, India. As we waited for the panel discussion to begin, audience members reached for their phones; the extent to which technology has permeated our lives is astounding at times.


Not Investing in Public Transportation: A Long-Term Cost

On your way to work, you squeeze on the crowded train, in between briefcase-toting businessmen and mothers bringing their children to school. On the weekends, services are delayed or suspended. Late night services run express from your stop, making you transfer trains to get to your favorite bar. These scenarios may be inconvenient, but imagine if the subway weren’t there at all.